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Contraception limits are foolhardy. Let’s not turn it into the next anti-abortion battleground.

Commentary in contraception limits in Oklahoma, Black history in Alabama, the immigration crisis in Arkansas, gun legislation in Kansas, Governor Jeff Landry's criminal justice policy in Louisiana, Eric Hovde's political campaign in Wisconsin, Donald Trump and Joe Biden's candidacy for the 2024 general election in Montana, and Republican lawmakers in Indiana.

Who earned the title of Donald Trump’s most special boy in the GOP governor’s debate?

Commentary on the GOP governor's race in West Virginia, public corruption in Ohio, tax cuts in Oklahoma, Mike Gallagher's departure in Wisconsin, transparency rules in Colorado, incarceration in Kentucky, gambling tax in Nevada, the Senate Committee in Alabama.

Border crisis hypocrisy and what’s missing from the immigration debate

Commentary on the border crisis in Wisconsin, the Ten Commandments statue at the State Capitol in Oklahoma, United Daughters of the Confederacy’s tax breaks in Virginia, Supreme Court Justices in Colorado, the Women Bill of Rights in West Virginia, the bipartisan immigration deal in Ohio, the automotive industry in Alabama, and Capitol security in Louisiana. 

Governor’s bill draft would put sex changes on Iowa driver’s licenses, birth certificates

Commentary on transgender law in Iowa, carcinogens in Louisiana, the execution of Kenneth Eugene Smith in Alabama, the status of journalism in Kansas, book bans in West Virginia, maternal care in Arkansas, the GOP supermajority in Kentucky, and freedom of press in New Jersey.

Gerrymandered Ohio Republican lawmakers: afflicting the afflicted and comforting the comfortable

Commentary on gerrymandering Republicans in Ohio, minimum wage in Kentucky, the state legislative session in Louisiana, the State of the State Address in South Dakota and Utah, wage theft in Minnesota, abortion rights in New Jersey, and the postpartum depression pill in Virginia.

‘For God’s sakes-a-livin” — A closer look at Gov. Justice’s final State of the State address

Commentary on the State of State Address in West Virginia, the 2024 primaries in New Hampshire, school systems in Alabama, the No Labels forum in Tennessee, GOP Senate leadership in Nevada, voting concepts in Ohio, gun legislation in Virginia, and Indigenous tribes in South Dakota.


Commentary on diversity, equity, and inclusion in Kentucky, Speaker of the House Don Scott in Virginia, anti-trans policy in Ohio, the Democratic National Committee in New Hampshire, the state of journalism in Montana, Trump's absence from the 2024 presidential ballot in Nevada, the J6 prosecution in Georgia, and 2024 state legislation in Louisiana.

Pornography, political correctness and campus free speech

Commentary on the firing of UW-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow in Wisconsin, climate change in Montana, the LGBTQ+ community in Ohio, Trump's 2024 presidential bid in Indiana, tax cuts for the rich in Michigan, the Department of Education in Oklahoma, state budget in Kentucky, and J6 acknowledgement in Nevada. 

Blocking Trump from the ballot isn’t an affront to democracy. It’s the essence of it.

Commentary on barring Donald Trump from presidential ballots in Colorado, the state AG in Alabama, child social media usage in New Jersey, pro-Palestinian activists in Wisconsin, politicians speaking to the media in West Virginia, the state Supreme Court races in Ohio, grocery costs in Nevada, and changing the flag in Louisiana.

‘Pro-life’ Catholic leaders have helped block Medicaid expansion as 1,500 Kansans died

Commentary on Medicaid expansion in Kansas, abortion laws in Oklahoma, trans kids in Ohio, Black women in political leadership in Kentucky, jury selection in New Jersey, state GOP in Tennessee, school segregation in Minnesota, and AG Austin Knudsen in Montana.

Wisconsin is a major front in the war on U.S. democracy

Commentary on conspiracy theories in Wisconsin, extreme partisanship in Ohio, state legislation in Kentucky, state budget in Kansas, the education board in Virginia, workforce participation rate in Alabama, political ideologies of previous generations in Montana, and Gov-elected Jeff Landry in Louisiana.

Expect Georgia lawmakers to push school vouchers again with fake sympathy for the poor

Commentary on school vouchers in Georgia, Governor Joe Lombardo's leadership in Nevada, Alabama political campaign, property tax bills in Montana, Donald Trump's 2024 campaign in Colorado, student lunch debt in Oklahoma, Donald Trump and the UAW strike in Michigan, and medical malpractice in Iowa.