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Pssst, did you hear about those 81 new laws?

Commentary on new bills signed in New Hampshire, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson in North Carolina, police chief appointment in Alabama, Ryan Walters campaign in Oklahoma, Vice President Kamala Harris, pay hikes for judges in Louisiana, tax cut proposals in Indiana, and the state legislative session in Kansas.

There’s no patriotism in calling the U.S. a “failing country.”

Commentary on the Biden-Trump debate in Tennessee, the National Monument of Freedom in Alabama, baby blood samples in New Jersey, the Trump immunity ruling in Montana, climate change in Florida, gerrymandering in Ohio, Independence Day in New Mexico, and Babydog in West Virginia.

Flood washes away Noem’s false veneer of leadership

Commentary on Kristi Noem's inaction in South Dakota, the Ten Commandments mandate in Louisiana, IVF in Alabama, the Shelby County district attorney in Tennessee, vaccinations in West Virginia, the legislative special session in Kansas, Bill Spadea in New Jersey, and the state GOP in Colorado.

Imagine Alabama welcoming immigrants

Commentary on immigration policy in Alabama, editor Darrell Ehrlick's family heritage in Montana, Gov. Mike DeWine in Ohio, voters in Colorado, panhandling in Virginia, a mental health care proposal in Oklahoma, gun legislation in Michigan, and election integrity in Wisconsin.

Children shouldn’t have to die for West Virginia lawmakers to take action

Commentary on child neglect in West Virginia, the abortion pill ruling in Kansas, Governor Kat Ivey in Alabama, the aftermath of the Perry school shooting in Iowa, educational rule in Oklahoma, election safeguards in Georgia, state GOP in North Carolina, and attacks on the LGBTQ community in Michigan.

The Open Public Records Act, once touted as a ‘major reform,’ dies at 22

Commentary on the Open Public Records Act in New Jersey, Jefferson Davis in Alabama, D-Day anniversary in Ohio, Trump's conviction in Kentucky and Wisconsin, racism in homeownership in Virginia, Jeff Landry in Louisiana, and the Hope Scholarship in West Virginia. 

Kansas Republicans fall over themselves defending convicted felon Donald Trump

Commentary on Trump's conviction in Kansas and Georgia, measles outbreaks in Alabama, government records in Oklahoma, the Senate filibuster in Minnesota, the recall petition against the Act 10 lawsuit in Wisconsin, district races in Nevada, and the Jenna Ellis case in Colorado.

Oklahoma Republicans passed an immigration law for police to enforce, and some don’t want to

Commentary on immigration law in Oklahoma, the Menendez trial in New Jersey, retirees in Alabama, the abortion ban in Arizona, anti-crime laws in Louisiana, the anniversary of Senator Charles Sumner's death in Kansas, gerrymandering in Ohio, and Brown v. Board of Education in Arkansas.

Yet again, men are deciding to hurt women, This time, it’s how they engage in Oklahoma politics.

Commentary on women in politics in Oklahoma, public records bill in New Jersey, gambling in Alabama, education savings in Louisiana, protests at college campuses in Virginia and Wisconsin, weed legalization in Ohio, and appointed justices in Georgia. 

Now that Noem knows what’s in her own book, she should tell us how it got there

Commentary on Kristi Noem's book in South Dakota, public records in New Jersey, the Shelby County government in Alabama, state budget and income tax cuts in Oklahoma, pro-Palestinian rallies in Kentucky, the legislative session in Colorado, the state primaries in Indiana, and Joe Biden's visit to Racine County in Wisconsin.

SPECIAL EDITION: Pulitzer Board recognizes States Newsroom editor in commentary category

Brian Lyman of Alabama Reflector was named a Pulitzer finalist for Commentary: "For brave, clear and pointed columns that challenge ever-more-repressive state policies flouting democratic norms and targeting vulnerable populations..."

Noem’s dog killing was bad, but to really understand her, consider the goat

Commentary on Governor Kristi Noem's dog and goat killings in South Dakota, the prison crisis in Alabama, the physical disciplining of disabled students in Oklahoma, the state diploma system in Indiana, state government and economy in Michigan, ballot measures in New Jersey, fake electors in Wisconsin, and harmful legislation practices in Tennessee.