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Process of deciding A’s subsidy will drag into next week


Process of deciding A’s subsidy will drag into next week

Jun 08, 2023 | 7:30 pm ET
By April Corbin Girnus
Process of deciding A’s subsidy will drag into next week
The state seal on the back of an empty chair in the legislative building. (Photo: Alejandra Rubio)

Both houses of the Nevada State Legislature adjourned Thursday afternoon until Monday, suggesting substantially more behind-the-scenes negotiations are needed to garner supporters for a $380 million public assistance package that would bring the Oakland A’s to Las Vegas.

Gov. Joe Lombardo convened a special session Wednesday, and the Senate held a committee hearing with all of its members to consider Senate Bill 1, which is identical to a proposal that was introduced but failed to move forward during the regular special session.

Presenters for the project received an icy reception from several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, with senators questioning the economic projections being used to justify the project and criticizing the baseball outfit as “disingenuous.”

Several lawmakers requested amendments be made to the bill, though the specifics of what is being requested aren’t publicly known.

After their hours-long meeting that went until almost midnight Wednesday, the Senate scheduled themselves to meet Thursday morning. But by afternoon sources close to Democrats said they expected to take no action.

The Assembly, which has nothing to do until the Senate sends them a bill, quickly gaveled in Thursday afternoon and then adjourned until Monday morning. The Senate echoed the maneuver later in the afternoon.

The special session is constitutionally allowed to meet for 20 days before it must adjourn, though most special sessions last a much shorter period of time. 

The A’s baseball stadium proposal needs to pass the Senate with a simple majority, or 11 of 21 senators.

If the bill makes it past the Senate, it will head to the Assembly for consideration. There, it will need support from 22 of 42 members.