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Libertarians nominate candidates for general election


Libertarians nominate candidates for general election

Mar 03, 2024 | 3:02 pm ET
By Niki Kelly
Libertarians nominate candidates for general election
Libertarian candidates for governor Donald Rainwater (Whitney Downard/Indiana Capital Chronicle)

Donald Rainwater, Tonya Hudson and Andrew Horning will be at the top of the Libertarian Party’s ballot in the 2024 November general election.

Rainwater will run for governor for the second consecutive election. Hudson will be his running mate. Horning will be running for U.S. Senate for the second time in his career. He was also the LPIN’s nominee for Senate in 2012.

They were nominated during the party’s annual convention, which was held March 2 at the Forum Event Center in Fishers.

The convention is the party’s candidate selection process, as the Libertarian Party does not hold primaries in Indiana.

The following candidates were approved at the convention and will be on the November general election ballot as Libertarians.

  • Governor: Donald Rainwater (Johnson County). Rainwater will be running for governor for the second consecutive cycle. He ran in 2020, netting an historic 11.4% in the 2020 gubernatorial election as a third-party candidate. That election was amid COVID-19 and he picked up votes from frustrated Republicans. He has vowed to focus on education, tax and administrative reform.
  • Lieutenant governor: Tonya Hudson (Lawrence County). Hudson is a longtime county chair and member of the Libertarian State Central Committee, where she recently served as the party’s vice chair.
  • United States Senate: Andrew Horning (Owen County). Horning, a longtime Libertarian activist, author and speaker, is a multi-time candidate for office. This will be Horning’s second run for Senate, as he garnered 5.7% of the vote in 2012. Horning has also run for U.S. Congress three times in the last decade. He was also the LPIN’s governor candidate in 2000 and 2008.
  • United States House of Representatives
  • District 2: William Henry (Elkhart County)
  • District 3: Jarrad Lancaster (Whitley County)
  • District 6: James Sceniak (Johnson County)
  • District 7: Russel “Rusty” Johnson (Marion County)
  • Indiana House of Representatives
  • District 6: Charlie Florence (St. Joseph County)
  • District 22: Josh Vergiels (Kosciusko County)
  • District 25: Ron Dixon (Boone County)
  • District 97: Mark Renholzberger (Marion County)
  • District 98: Elizabeth “Libby” Glass (Marion County)
  • Indiana Senate
  • District 10: Tim Cotton (St. Joseph County)