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Energy price changes coming on Dec. 1, PUC reports


Energy price changes coming on Dec. 1, PUC reports

Nov 29, 2023 | 12:10 pm ET
By Cassie Miller
Energy price changes coming on Dec. 1, PUC reports
PJM, which coordinates the flow of electricity from power generators to utility companies in 13 states and the District of Columbia, is facing complaints about how it ensures it will have enough capacity to keep the electricity flowing during a winter storm or summer heat wave. (Photo by fhm/Getty Images)

Energy supply rates are set to change across the Commonwealth beginning on Dec. 1, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission reported this week. 

The rate changes taking effect next month include all PUC-regulated electric utilities and vary depending on the energy distribution company. 

Reported rate changes for electric distribution companies:

  • Citizens’ Electric, decrease from 13.333 cents to 10.966 cents per kWh,
  • Duquesne Light, decrease from 11.45 cents to 10.46 cents per kWh,
  • Met-Ed, increase from 10.24 cents to 11.306 cents per kWh,
  • PECO, decrease from 9.672 cents to 8.917 cents per kWh,
  • Penelec, increase from 9.703 cents to 10.607 cents per kWh,
  • Penn Power, increase from 10.556 cents to 11.231 cents per kWh,
  • Pike Co. Light & Power, increase from 7.3005 cents to 8.67 cents per kWh,
  • PPL, decrease from 12.126 cents to 11.028 cents per kWh,
  • UGI Electric, decrease from 12.128 cents to 10.26 cents per kWh,
  • Wellsboro Electric, decrease from 12.393 cents to 9.206 cents per kWh, and
  • West Penn Power, increase from 9.929 cents to 10.001 cents per kWh.

Reported rate changes for natural gas distribution companies:

  • Columbia Gas of PA, decrease from $0.46849 to $0.2881 per therm,
  • National Fuel Gas, increase from $0.30959 to $0.3674 per Ccf,
  • PECO, decrease from $0.54211 to $0.3852 per Ccf,
  • Peoples Natural Gas Co., increase from $1.2337 to $3.08 per Mcf
  • Peoples Gas Co. LLC, increase from $1.2337 to $3.08 per Mcf,
  • UGI Utilities, decrease from $0.7761 to $0.45335 per Ccf,
  • Valley Energy, decrease from $0.94342 to $0.33758 per Ccf.

The PUC encourages Pennsylvanians struggling to afford their energy bills to contact their utility company to discuss options and assistance programs. 

Eligible residents can also apply for Pennsylvania’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP. 

Everything you need to know about LIHEAP

LIHEAP is a statewide program, administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, tasked with helping families living on low incomes pay their heating bills through a cash grant or crisis grant, if applicable. 

Pennsylvanians can apply for LIHEAP two ways — online or by paper application at their local County Assistance Office.