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Boutique YMCA co-locates with the Bison of new Buena Vista High School in Omaha


Boutique YMCA co-locates with the Bison of new Buena Vista High School in Omaha

Aug 05, 2022 | 3:47 pm ET
By Cindy Gonzalez Aaron Sanderford
Boutique YMCA co-locates with the Bison of new Buena Vista High School in Omaha
The new Buena Vista YMCA Express fitness center shares a campus with the new Omaha Public Schools' Buena Vista High at 60th and L Streets. The facility is at left. (Cindy Gonzalez/Nebraska Examiner)

OMAHA — Teachers, counselors, cafeteria and other workers at Omaha’s new Buena Vista High School dropped in Friday to get acquainted with their new fitness-obsessed, tech-driven neighbor.

That 2,800-square-foot “YMCA Express” workout space, co-located on the school’s 60th and L Streets campus, officially opens Monday. But faculty members were treated to tours and special demonstrations of state-of-the-art equipment, designed for quick workouts that can be done over a lunch period or half-hour break.

Buena Vista YMCA Express fitness center
Buena Vista YMCA Express, which opens Monday, shares a campus with raw new Omaha Public Schools’ Buena Vista High at 60th & L Streets. (Cindy Gonzalez/Nebraska Examiner)

Buena Vista is just the second new high school built by Omaha Public Schools to include a YMCA facility. The new Westview High in northwest Omaha includes a full, 30,000-square-foot YMCA.

30-minute workout

Co-locating a YMCA at the Buena Vista school campus was a “no brainer” for a few major reasons, said Michelle Hannah, the YMCA’s onsite director of health and wellness.

“This area is underserved,” she said, noting that the next closest gym in Ralston or southeast Omaha is two miles in any direction.

Also, she said, the school itself focuses on future-forward technology. And the Buena Vista YMCA branch was specifically built with innovation and workout efficiency in mind. It is the only YMCA location in the Omaha metro, she said, with EGYM Smart Strength equipment that’s appealing also for its personalized workout in 30 minutes or less.

MX4, cardio, weights

The small-scale gym offers a MX4 training program as well as traditional cardio and weightlifting equipment. While on a treadmill or stepper machine, members can look out windows that overlook the new school’s athletic fields or the front entrance. The YMCA is attached to the school but has a separate entrance. Students and Y patrons won’t be in the space at the same time.  

Brandon Brugger, executive director of the Buena Vista YMCA Express, said the fitness center is a convenient resource for YMCA members who are part of the school faculty and student body, opening potential for after-school or school-related programs that could be an extension of the classroom. Financial assistance is available for memberships.

 “I’m excited for all students to take advantage of what we have available here, whether they’ve been involved in sports in the past or not,” Brugger said.

A ribbon-cutting was held Thursday on the new facility, which becomes part of a dozen YMCA locations in the Omaha area.

Founded in 1866, the broader YMCA started as a place to serve young Christian men working on the transcontinental railroad. Today, the YMCA of Greater Omaha spans four counties in two states. The YMCA network works to strengthen communities by offering programs and services focusing on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.