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Boise National Forest plans wildfire prevention with prescribed burns throughout spring


Boise National Forest plans wildfire prevention with prescribed burns throughout spring

Mar 27, 2023 | 6:20 am ET
By Mia Maldonado
Boise National Forest plans wildfire prevention with prescribed burns throughout spring
The low-intensity prescribed fires will take place in 11 project areas across southern Idaho.

The Boise National Forest announced in a news release Thursday that it will begin low-intensity prescribed fires throughout the spring as part of a national strategy to reduce wildfires. 

Using funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Boise National Forest will join the Forest Service in its Wildfire Crisis Strategy a national effort to prevent wildfires and provide forest health treatments for the next decade. 

Fire managers with the Boise National Forest are planning low-intensity prescribed fires across approximately 4,670 acres in 11 project areas. Depending on weather conditions, the fires are scheduled to start in March and last until June.

According to the news release, the prescribed fires reduce the risk of large wildlife potential to communities and other critical resources, including municipal watersheds and powerlines. The low-intensity fires also promote the growth of fire resilient trees and improve wildlife habitat.


Officials with the Boise National Forest are prioritizing public and firefighter safety with plans accounting for specific fuel, weather prescriptions and smoke management, according to the news release. Prescribed burns are closely monitored and approved only when there are favorable conditions, the press release said.

Fire managers ask that visitors use extreme caution near the prescribed fire areas and advise visitors and homeowners to plan activities around the proposed dates and locations of burns. 

Prescribed burns may affect people sensitive to smoke and impact access to burn areas and travel routes. Fire managers also ask that drivers comply with notices and drive slowly in areas with decreased visibility and firefighters and equipment on roads.

Areas with planned Boise National Forest prescribed burns

Idaho City Ranger District

  • 250 acres in Alder, located three miles north of Placerville
  • 300 acres in the  Boise Basin Experimental Forest, located two miles east of Idaho City
  • 300 acres in Little Ophir, located four miles west of Pioneerville
  • 250 acres in Mores South-Boulder Creek, located three miles east of Idaho City

Mountain Home Ranger District

  • 752 acres in Lower Feather, located about three miles north of Featherville in the Feather River and Lincoln Creek drainages north of National Forest System road 156 

Cascade Ranger District

  • 228 acres in Willow South, located approximately eight miles west of Cascade
  • 68 acres in French Campbell, located approximately 10 miles west of Cascade
  • 381 acres in Lost Horse, located approximately 22 miles southeast of Cascade

Lowman Ranger District

  • 1,007 acres in West Lowman, located northeast of and immediately adjacent to Lowman
For information about the planned areas of prescribed fire treatment, visit the U.S. Forest Service website

Emmett Ranger District

  • 174 acres in Williams Creek, located about eight miles north of Banks
  • 960 acres in Pinney Slope, located approximately six miles north of Crouch