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Board revokes license of physician accused of assault, having sex with patient


Board revokes license of physician accused of assault, having sex with patient

May 27, 2024 | 10:00 am ET
By Clark Kauffman
Board revokes license of physician accused of assault, having sex with patient
(Photo courtesy of the Iowa Board of Medicine)

The Iowa Board of Medicine has revoked the license of a physician convicted of assault and accused of having sex with a patient.

State records indicate Scott Piper was issued an Iowa medical license in April 2002, after which he practiced family medicine in Cedar Rapids. In March 2023, Piper was criminally charged with sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist.

Police alleged Piper engaged in sex with the female victim at her home while she was a patient of his and while he was providing mental health services for her. According to police, Piper confessed to the offense. The charge was later amended to assault causing mental illness.

Linn County prosecutors then agreed they would not resist Piper’s request for a deferred judgment that would wipe the public court docket of any mention of the case once he successfully completed two years of probation.

In addition, prosecutors agreed that while Piper, as a condition of his probation, must enroll in a sex-offender treatment program, his name would not be added to the state’s registry of sex offenders.

Earlier this year, Piper pleaded guilty to the amended charge. The court granted Piper the deferred judgment in the case and placed him on probation for two years.

The Iowa Board of Medicine, meanwhile, had renewed Piper’s medical license in October 2023, seven months after the criminal charges were filed against him. After Piper entered his plea in court, the board charged him with sexual misconduct. Piper recently agreed to resolve that matter by consenting to the revocation of his license.

Lawsuit: Piper complained of ‘booty call’

Still unresolved is the civil lawsuit filed against Piper by his former patient. In that case, the woman alleges Piper served as her primary care provider as far back as 2013, treating her for anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder and polysubstance abuse.

In October 2020, Piper allegedly sent the woman a message that said, “So after I cut you off your mom messaged me on Facebook. Accusing me of giving you prescriptions basically for sex. And she supposedly had messages or texts where i asked you to breakfast. I had no idea what she was talking about … She was going to turn me in to the state medical board. It was all weird. I just didn’t answer.”

Later, Piper allegedly wrote again to say, “I certainly don’t recall asking you to breakfast. And even if I did, there is nothing wrong with that. I’m friends with a lot of my patients.”

In May 2021, Piper allegedly sent messages inviting Doe to talk, and after receiving no response, wrote: “Time for a booty call but no time to get your meds. I see how it is,” and later wrote: “You suck.”

In September 2021, after another series of exchanges, Piper allegedly messaged Doe: “Don’t you dare get pissy and cut me off like this yet again. I mean, wtf. I’m trying my —-ing hardest to help you despite being treated like —-.”

In October 2021, Doe alleges, she and Piper engaged in sex, which reportedly led to messages in which Doe accused Piper of prescribing her drugs to control her behavior – an allegation Piper denied.

In December 2021, Piper allegedly sent Doe a message, offering to “run up and drop off your keys” and then, in an apparent reference to her treatment, informed her that “from now on I can’t do anything without a legit appt.”

Doe allegedly responded: “Right, and what about less 3 am visits for sex with your patient then stop all meds and contact and make it then feel like they did something wrong.”

The lawsuit alleges Piper knew or had reason to know that Doe was significantly impaired with regard to her ability to withhold consent to sexual conduct, and also claims Piper inappropriately treated her for mental health and substance abuse issues.

In the civil case, Piper has denied any wrongdoing. A trial is scheduled for Nov. 12, 2024.